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What is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is essentially a high tech paint replacement . It can be formulated with metals to achieve finishes that look like metal plating. Powders are available in any color or texture including color styles known as “veined powders”. These popular powders are available in 3 color choices gold, silver, and copper. Other texture choices include hammer-tones, rivers, fine textures, and of course smoothes. High molecular density and superior thickness make it the preferred coating over both paint and anodizing for exterior applications, such as metal door frames, aluminum windows, steel and aluminum railings. In practice powder coatings can achieve lifetimes similar or even superior to hot dip galvanizing.

The Company

ACCENT POWDER COATING is a full service high-end powder coating application company that has been serving CENTRAL TEXAS from the same location since 1988. Accent Powder Coating, with its strong management team and highly trained employees has built a reputation for being able to accomplish quality results on a wide variety of parts.

Whether you represent a large industrial concern or are a homeowner refinishing patio furniture we are happy to sell our service to you. We stock over 50 colors, and have custom color capability, as well as access to thousands of manufacturer’s powders. Our ovens can handle parts up to 25 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 9 feet high. Parts up to 1 ton are well within our capabilities. Our facility also offers in house sandblasting, iron phosphate and chromate pre-treatment, custom masking, and packaging for the end user and a color and texture selection unlike anyone else’s.

Check us out and you’ll agree that ACCENT POWDER COATING is the premier provider for your metal finishing needs.

The Process:

Powder coating is an electrostatic applied, baked on, dry paint process. Powder coating differs from paint in that it utilizes resins with a higher molecular weight such as polyester and epoxy. Unlike paint, which simply dries onto a surface, powder coating resins actually fuse to the metal substrate through the baking process, allowing for a beautiful, flexible and extremely durable finish. Powder coatings are resistant to abrasion, chipping, fracturing and deteriorating environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation, smog, acid, alkalinity and salt spray. Powder coating is also an environmentally friendly product with essentially no hazardous material or waste.


Environmentally Safe?

Clean air and Austin? Hardly synonymous, but with the cooperation of powder coating applicators significant improvement in the air quality of the US is being achieved. Powder Coating Systems supports this effort by applying only technically advanced industrial coatings that meet the requirements of air pollution control regulations, while maintaining the quality standards that are essential in today’s highly competitive market.

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