Motorcycle Customized Powder Coating

At Last Here Is a Quick Way To Do It!


Customized Motorcycle Powder Coating

After completion your motorcycle customized powder coating if you don’t have at least 20 people around admiring your motorcycle something is wrong with it! And you must do something too!

Austin Powder Coating in Pflugerville and Austin, Texas provides powder coating services for motorcycle body, engine parts and for a wide range of motorcycle products.

You can get powder coating to motorcycle wheels, powder coating to motorcycle rims, customized motorcycle restoration and any motorcycle design on any motorcycle shape.

We can also customize your motorcycle parts including tanks, fenders and wheels.

If you have an old motorcycle frame which over the years has suffered corrosion pitting in various areas bring it to Austin Powder Coating in Texas to see how they can change the surface to a great smooth shiny finishing.

We assure you that only after your motorcycle restoration with us then you will have people around it for every time you park it anywhere to exhibit it.

Be sure that you will get a perfect motorcycle customized powder coating. And we mean it!

We Do Customized Powder Coating Motorcycle Frames, Wheels and Rims Too

Looking for customized powder coating on motorcycle frames?
“Sure, that’s what we do”. After many years you will still find the motorcycle powder coating restoration finish to be excellent aesthetically and long lasting, real durability. Your powder coated frames will have no degree of imperfections.

Sometimes the applied powder will fill minor imperfections such as some pitting from corrosion. For not quality focused users it will probably do all right on a frame, as the round tubes hide more than a flat would. Sorry, for us absolutely no.

What we do is to scrap metal that is corroded. Clean it up by media blasting, washing by acid clean. No fills in! We do clean uniform motorcycle customized powder coating.

We can powder coat custom chopper frames in most popular colors, candy finishes, clear coats and sparkle finishes. You name it!


From Blasting To Motorcycle Restoration To Powder Coating In Less Than 3 Hours!

Before final make up we always do the clean and blast the frame. The primer must be applied within 30 minutes after blasting. Otherwise metal will start to oxidize immediately upon exposure to air! And we know that.

When you bring your motorcycle parts for restoration to a gloss shiny make two lists of parts, with drawings if possible, and have Powder Coating Texas’s experts receives your work. Be sure to initial both lists.

At the end, when you get your motorcycle fully restored use this list to check that you get back what you gave us. This is very important when small parts are involved to verify that all your parts are there.

When you come to pick your parts up, we provide them with boxes, protective blankets and towels. Your parts refinished will totally be with no sign of scratch.


Best Way To Appreciate Motorcycle Rims Powder Coating Finishing

When we give the customers the powder coating motorcycle rims completed with all powder coated parts, we advise them to check the quality of our powder coating work in direct sunlight, not interior light.

That’s the best way to appreciate the great finishing. If you appreciate motorcycle customized powder coating and excellent quality finishing let Austin powder coating team of motorcycle powder coating experts do all the preparation.

We will be responsible for the final job and you will be more satisfied. I bet you I will see you smiling on satisfaction to a well done job!

We don’t spent time doing testing or providing samples of works. We know that you need your motorcycle parts fast turn around to go over your next ride.

We know what you need as a customer is fast powder coating finishing! Motorcycle customized powder coating “sure, that’s what we do”.


Motorcycle Customized Powder Coating Unique Look

Give your bike a unique look without wasting money on replacing the parts. Here is a list of the motorcycle customized powder coating parts that we do on a daily basis:

  • motorcycle frames and motorcycle sub frames
  • triple clamps
  • swinging arms
  • shock springs
  • head lamp ears
  • wheel rims
  • fork sliders
  • motorcycle foot pegs
  • clutch covers
  • heads
  • cylinders
  • engine cases
  • transmission cases
  • handlebars
  • wheels
  • spokes
  • chopper swingarms
  • hard tails
  • cases
  • hubs and wheel
  • calipers
  • caliper brackets
  • discs

No Headaches To Your Motorcycle Powder Coating Finishing

The amazing powder coating of the motorcycle rims, spokes and hubs what you get for your money at Austin powder coating in Texas is pretty impressive.

Our pre-cleaning and media blasting experience are defined especially by low pressure media blasting on your motorcycle frame, just what is good enough to go light on the numbers area.

You will always get your frame back and can clearly read the numbers. We know that you don’t need headaches with the law.

Let us know if you need motorcycle customized powder coating professional services today.