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Why Deep Trough Cleaning Metals Is Important?

Sandblasting is the process of stripping the paint or deep through cleaning the surface of any metal before powder coating or painting.

The results is of smoothing, shaping and cleaning a hard surface as a result of the process of forcing solid particles at high pressure or speed all across that surface.

Only our blasting Shop Austin TX produces the effect similar to that of using sandpaper and provides a more even finish with no problems at edges, corners or crannies.

It is definitively recommended if you need to get the surface of any metal such as automotive sandblasting to car bodies, rims, car and motorcycle wheels completely repaired, renovated and then painted.

Any surface of any metal has to be perfectly cleaned before any powder coating or paint application.

The Austin sand blasting process implies using specific media material to clean specific types of metals to protect the integrity of its structural base.

All these processes do completely stripping of your metallic product to wipe away all impurities and to eliminate any remaining from previous paintings, pre-existing colors, grease and any existing contamination.

When blast cleaning is properly done do not require washing before submitting the product to powder coating or liquid painting to do the touch of class finishing desired by the customer.


Deep Cleaning Is For Best Finishing

There is a purpose indeed, deep cleaning practically mean “to expose the bare metal surface of the product in order to receive a perfect and full powder coating and liquid paint coverage” and for the best thickness and uniformity of the finishing the customer expect to receive.

It is necessary for the proper substrate preparation and is critical to any metal finishing method.

To assure a clean surface our media blasting services experience with a large variety of fabrications, extrusions, machined, stamped and cast parts has taught us a great deal about processing metal pollutants and about necessary methods for removal.